Types of waistline

written by Adete Roshni January 1, 2019
The waistline is the line that separates the upper and lower body of the garment. It is one of the important things we see in a dress. Since waistline compliments our body and helps to create an illusion so that we could hide the problematic parts.
Knowing the waistlines for us is very important; we should which kind of waistline will our body shape.Here below are the type of waistlines just read on.</div >

Natural waistline

Natural waistline refers to the waistline which rests on the body’s natural waistline, i.e., the deepest point of below your ribs and above hips. Dresses with this type of waistlines are suitable for girls who have a small waist.

Antebellum waistline

The antebellum waistline is also known as the V-shaped waistline; it is a flattering waistline that dips about 2-5inch below the actual waistline at the center of the garment.


Asymmetrical waistline

Asymmetrical waistline runs diagonally across the waistline; one line is above the waist and another one below the waist. Asymmetrical waistline slims down your body figure and makes it look more slender.

Dropped waistline

The dropped waistline appear at the mid or upper hip, this is old waistline style. It looks good on slim girls; it compliments their figure.

Blouson waistline

Blouson waistline is a gathered waistline at the natural waistline or below it. It makes the top part looks like a balloon.

Empire waistline

Empire waistline starts from just below the bust, this waistline style accentuates the bust and hides the tummy fat.


Inverted V/U waistline

Inverted V/U waistline can be seen in formal wears or even in wedding dresses also. It shortens the torso and gives more length to the legs.


Raised waistline

Raised waistline appears above the waistline but not like empire waistline (just below the bust). Raised waistline starts below the empire waistline and above the natural waistline. It shortens your torso and lengthens the legs. This waistline style looks good on people who have a long torso.


No waistline

The dresses which have no waistline are sewn together in panels. No waistlines dresses are suited for all body types and give a slimming effect to the body.


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