Types of pocket

written by Adete Roshni March 30, 2019

Can you imagine garments without pockets, no pockets on any of the clothing? It is quite impossible to live without pockets, right?

They are just like cell phones –we always want it near us only. It is entirely unfair that most of the girls clothing comes without a pocket. They are so useful and handy like I can put my hands in it or can put some teeny tiny stuff.

Today, I’ll be telling you about some of the pockets which you can add to your clothes.

Slit pocket

Slit pocket is one of the most common pocket designs; you must have seen it in your pants. It is named slit pocket because you only get to look at its slit on the garment, the pocket bag is attached on the underside of the garment.

Slash pocket/ cross pocket

An exterior diagonal line of pocket which is placed on the garment, especially below the waistline. Slash pockets are front pockets, i.e., it is seen on the front side of the center.

Patch pocket

The patch pocket is a piece of fabric which is sewed outside the garment. Patch pocket can be commonly seen on shirts.

Pouch pocket

The pocket which hangs along the side of the garment.

Side pocket

The side pocket is placed at the side seam of the garment which you have seen mostly on tunics. The slit is placed on the side seam of the garment.

Welt pocket

Welt pockets are mostly seen in formal wears; it is a rectangular opening pocket which has one or two flaps.

Flap pocket

pocket is usually seen on jackets which have a flap which covers the slit of the pocket.

Zippered pocket

As the name suggests, zipper pocket has a zip attached to it, for the opening and closure of the pocket on the garment.

Kangaroo pocket

It is a patch pocket which is supposed to place on the front of the garment used by workmen.

Utility pocket

It is a patch pocket which is supposed to place on the front of the garment used by workmen.

Ticket pocket

You must have seen tiny pocket above your slash pocket on the garment. It is the pocket which is supposed to keep tickets in it.

Hidden pocket

It is a secret pocket which is sewn to the inside of the garment. The pocket is not visible from outside.

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