Types of hats

written by Adete Roshni January 12, 2019

When it’s about to talk about accessories, three things will come to our mind: Shoes, Bags, and Jewelry. We often think about hats, which we need not only to protect our hairs but to make our look more elegant and stylish. In early ages hats were worn to express people’s social status, now it is only a sign of style statement. Hats have many different forms. Each type of hat expresses different moods of our personality. Doesn’t matter what’s the function is, serious or playful, casual or dressy. You can wear it anytime, anywhere. Each type of cap has its style.

Here are the most common types of hats:

Baseball caps

It is named Baseball because a baseball player wore it, its peak is supposed to protect them from the sun. It is casual and fun, and always you can adjust it according to your comfort from the back.
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Newsboy caps

Newsboy caps has a stiff peak just like a flat cap, the body of the cap is rounder and fuller. It is also known as a baker boy or bandit cap.


Bucket hats

The bucket hat is casual and fun, the brim on the hat can be worn down or up. It can be turned (one side or in the front) to create different looks.

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Roller Hats

A roller hat has a roller/round band on the hat which provides volume around the face. Roller hats can be worn for both casual and dressy occasions.


Cloche Hats

The cloche is a retro style hat which is also used by the new generation also. The Cloche is usually worn low on the forehead, which gives head full coverage.


Fedora hats

Fedora hats are designed to offer full head coverage and to be more workable than other hats.

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Brimmed or sun hats

Brimmed hats are suitable for outdoors. Brimmed hats protect you from sunlight.

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Beanie is a cap which is worn around the head; it is very comfortable and looks good on casual outings.

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Rain hats

As the name suggests, this hat is supposed to wear during rainy weather.


Military caps

Military caps resemble both baseball and newsboy cap but, its flat rounded, single panel of fabric makes it unique from both of the hats.


Visor Hats

Visor hats are similar to sun hats; the thing is it has an open top which allows hairs to breathe during hot weather.

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