Types of darts

written by Adete Roshni January 5, 2019
A Dart is a technique that provides the fabric a three-dimensional contour by folding the fabric and stitching it to a point. Dart is giving shape to a garment. It highlights body curves and offers clothes the correct fitting.While designing darts the most important things you need to consider is the length and positions.Today, I will tell you more about the type of darts, you see or can have in your garment.

Standard 4 dart

In standard four darts, a dart starts from below the underarms and ends on the breasts; the other dart starts from below the breast and ends on the chest.

French dart

French dart is a transversal line of dart which starts on the sides and ends nearby breast.

Armhole dart

A line of dart which starts from the armhole and ends nearby breast.

Armscye princess dart

Princess dart starts from the armpit passes by the breast and end at the end of the chest.

Center front seam

 A dart which cuts the center front line of the garment vertically on both the sides, shaping V.

H dart princess

Two darts form h dart, one starts from the shoulder and ends on the chest, and other dart starts from the end of the breast and ends below the chest.

Princess seams

A line of two darts vertically goes from the shoulder to the chest.

Waist dart

A dart which is on the waist, a line of dart which starts from the waist and ends below the breast.

Double waist dart

It is a double line of the dart on the waist, which start from the waist and open up towards upwards (till the breast) shaping V.

mid neckline dart

A line of dart which falls on the mid of the neckline, of the garment.

Center front neckline dart

The center front neck of the garment has a line of the dart on it.

Center front bust dart

A line of dart which comes over the bust.

Side straight dart

This is a bust dart

Fisheye dart

The horizontal double pointed line of the dart is made to delete the sagging portion under the derriere in pants.

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