Things you should do this summer

written by Adete Roshni March 19, 2019

Summers are approaching; you should prepare yourself before stepping out. You should know the essentials of summer, which make you on trend and give you comfort also.

Rearrange your stuff, upgrading your fashion sense with the must follow fashion rules. Here are some do’s of fashion this summer.


The most important thing you should do is to wear natural fabrics only, cotton, rayon, linen are the fabrics which should get preference in summers.

Prioritize loose and flowy clothing

After selecting fabrics next, you should choose the right silhouette. Give preference to flowy and breathable garments.

Go with white

White can never be boring; white is the color for summers. It never goes out of style; it is everyone’s best friend.


One of the essentials of summer is Maxi dresses. You can wear it from to the beach for the summer weddings they will always make you feel comfortable.

Choose the right footwear

Footwear gives comfort, wearing the right footwear is must not only in summers but always. Go with flip-flops in summers; they are both comfortable and super relaxing.

Go for floral and patterns

Spice up your days in summers with vibrant floral and printed patterns. These patterns give summer vibes make you feel fresh all the time.

Dare to wear off shoulders

This summer is all about keeping your shoulders bare, off shoulders or cold shoulders top/dresses are cool ways to show your skin.


Don’t even dare to step out without sunglasses, wear cool sunglasses; it could be cat eye, retro style or wayfarers wear some unique style shades.

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