Kiehl’s crème de corps

written by Adete Roshni January 3, 2019
Crème de Corps is the inspiration for a collection of products for a superb bath experience. Rich in skin nourishing ingredients, this lightweight body lotion is ideal for hydrating and moisturizing dry skin.Crème de corps formulated with various skin-soothing ingredients like jojoba butter, olive fruit oil, and sweet almond oil these altogether moisturizes skin and leaves a soft and smooth skin all day long.

The formula straight away gets absorbed and quickly soothes skin, and it’s ingredients nourishes your skin and protect it against free radical and other skin concerns to maintain the natural moisture present in our skin, balance it and prevent it from moisture loss.


• Beta-carotene – Natural antioxidant
• Cocoa butter – Makes skin softer and smoother
• Sesame oil – A moisturizing oil extract from sesame seed
• Glycerin oil – Glycerin attracts moisture into the skin

How to apply

• Apply body crème in after bath or shower or anytime needed
• Massage gently all over dry areas
• Give it some time to get absorbed into your skin


• Rich and nourishing
• Doesn’t leave greasiness behind
• Leaves soft and supple skin
• Super moisturizing
• Absorbs quickly


• It smells like medicine first, after application it smells nothing

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