Grammy Awards

written by Adete Roshni January 13, 2019
Every year music lovers wait for the one grand evening where all their beloved songsters unite, and the most deserving ones win the GRAMMY AWARD, for their outstanding achievement in the music industry.Grammy has always been the most prestigious award in the music industry. The Recording Academy presents the awards to the people for their achievements in the music industry.
It all started when a group of executives felt that there are other artists too who deserves to get a star on Hollywood Boulevard but didn’t get any, to honor such dedicated stars of the music world. This was the start of National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and the Grammy awards. The first Grammy award ceremony held on May 4, 1959, to honor the artist of the year of 1958, inside the grand ballroom of the Beverly Hilton. Originally, Grammy award used to known as gramophone awards (the trophy of Grammy resembles Edison’s gramophone), in respect of Edison’s Gramophone, later the name got shortened and came to known as Grammy awards.

This annual music festival is a highlight of performances by prominent artists, and the presentation of awards to the winners in various categories. First Grammy award has 28 awards in distribution, over the years the number of awards grew and fluctuated because of the addition and removal of categories.  The second Grammy Award ceremony, also held in 1959, it was the first ceremony to be broadcast, but the ceremony was not aired live until the 13th Annual Grammy Awards in 1971.

Grammy Trophy

The gold-plated Grammy trophy is an award given to the stars of the music world for their hardcore contribution and achievements. The Grammy trophy is purely hand-made by the Grammy man John Billings owner of the Billings Artwork, In 1990 the design of Grammy award was renovated, changing the soft lead of the trophy for a stronger alloy which is less prone to damage. Billings developed a zinc and aluminum metal alloy named Grammium, which became a trademark of Grammy Awards.

Categories in Grammy awards

1. Special category- Special awards are given to the awardee without any nominations, for their past achievements and contribution in the music industry. It includes:

Lifetime Achievement Award
Trustees Award
Technical Grammy Award
Grammy Legend Award
Grammy Hall Of Fame Award
The MusiCares Person Of The Year

2. General field- General field don’t restrict nominations by genres. It includes:

Record Of The Year
Album Of The Year
Song Of The Year
Best New Artist

Other fields include Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap, Country, Jazz, New Age, Reggae, American Roots Music, Music Video/Film, World Music, Latin total aggregate of 80 awards excluding general and special category, in 2019 Grammy awards.

*The Grammy Legend Award, presented by Grammy awards to the recording artists for their influence and contribution in the recording field.

* Salute To Industry Icon Award by Grammy to honor artists for their contribution in the music industry.

Nomination Process

The nomination process of Grammy awards starts with submitting the entries, after submitting the review of the respective entry is done by a panel of experts, the idea of reviewing the entry is not to make a judgment but to check if the entry meets the qualifications and to place the entry in the appropriate field. The first round of voting is done by the voting members they vote in their area of expertise, in order to maintain the quality of the voting(For specialized categories there is review committee who determine the final five nominations). The final five recording that earns the most numbers of the vote becomes a nomination of that category. There could be more than five nominations, in case of a tie between any two recordings.

In final voting, the members of recording academy can vote in up to 15 categories in the genre fields and in the four categories of the General Field. Votes again are arranged by the independent accounting firm of Deloitte.

The names of Grammy winners are delivered by Deloitte in a sealed envelope to the award venue, they get revealed during the GRAMMY Awards telecast only.

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