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written by Adete Roshni April 2, 2019

Fashion industry always introduces us to new styles and trends every season and celebrities are the people who make trends popular between us. These style icons wear outfits, and their appearance makes that outfit favorite among their fans and media houses.  The fashion industry wouldn’t be where it is today; it is all because of these style icons. They make an outfit a trend.

We have many celebrities who with their fabulous fashion senses and stardom, managed to keep them on the top charts of the trendsetters, just like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe.

Here is the list of some new fashion icons which have influenced us.


Rihanna’s style is something unexpected; she has the guts to wear pajamas to a club, or a completely see-through dress on a red carpet. She tries almost anything once; her persona proves that the value of dressing for shock is entirely cool.

Lady Gaga

Best known for her out of fashion style outfits from donning meat to arriving at an award function in an egg Lady Gaga always tried to push fashion boundaries.  She still influences her “little monsters” to find their fashion narrative.

Sarah Jessica Parker

From sex and the city until now, she has the charisma of looking beautiful on both televisions and the red carpet. Her Carrie Bradshaw’s character influenced people and always inspired people to look classy.  Pleats, frills are still there in her style and look sophisticated on her.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge shaped fashion to new, unexpected turns. She mixes high style with cheap picks which make her look so inspiring and trendy. She always managed to impress her fans with her smart fashion sense.


Beyonce is a force of nature, metallic, sheer fabric, embellishments, floral, mixed prints everything is her style. Queen Beyonce is a fashion statement all on her own.

The Hadids

The two sisters are the new influencers in the fashion world. They are just impactful, popularly known for adding a feminine twist to masculine pieces. Straight hairs, bare midriff, and cool sunglasses are there in her style.

The Kadarshians

They are the TV fashionistas; they embrace their curves and cleavages, they always dolled up in a fitted attire. Contouring, bodycon and lashes are all their style.

Kate Moss

Simple, sleek and sexy, this is all about Kate Moss. A supermodel with a classic style influence even designers also, she is the creators of a new category of fashion: model-off-duty.

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