Buttons are a small yet essential element of a garment, as it affixes two pieces of fabric. We encounter buttons on every other day; you may have also noticed they are of different shapes, types, and material too. The most common one is the plastic buttons, other than that the metal, wood or fabric buttons are even there in the market.

Today we will be talking about various types of buttons:

2-hole flat

It is a flat button having two holes at the center.

4-hole flat

It is a flat button which has four holes at the center.

Flat shank

Shank buttons have loop or hole behind the button. Flat shank is a flat button which has a loop at its back.

Quarter shank

Quarter shank has dome top shape, like a quarter ball with a hole behind it.

Half shank

Half shank is half dome shaped button.

Full shank

Full shank is a dome shapes button, which is an excellent choice for hand knits.

Stub/ snap

Snaps could be of plastic or metal fasteners which snap together with a pop.


Knot button is made by a bulge of threads, which is design in a way that it could tighten the knot itself.


The beaded button is a decorative button, which is made up of beads at the front and has a hole at its back to tie on the garment.

Pig nose fabric

Pig nose fabric button resembles a pig nose which is made up of cloth and done hand sewing only.

Stud/ jeans button

This is similar to shank buttons, but instead of a hole at the back, they have a straight pin which attached through the fabric to secure the button.


Toggles are more often long, straight or rounded, which is made up of wood.

Covered fabric button

Covered fabric buttons look good on casual garments; it is made to conceal a piece of fabric over a button.

Mandarin fabric button

Mandarin fabric buttons are knobs which are made up of knotted string.

Worked or cloth button

These buttons are made up of embroidery stitches over a knob.

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Water\Aqua\Eau; Myrtus Communis (Myrtle) Leaf Water , Kaolin , Bentonite , Butylene Glycol , Montmorillonite , Polysorbate 20 , Peg-100 Stearate , Charcoal Powder , Xanthan Gum , Lecithin , Peg-150 Distearate , Propylene Glycol Stearate , Sorbitan Laurate , Glycerin , Propylene Glycol Laurate , Simethicone , Caprylyl Glycol , Ethylhexylglycerin , Hexylene Glycol , Trisodium Edta , Dehydroacetic Acid , Phenoxyethanol

Skin type

This mask is suitable for normal, oily and combination skin type.


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• It Clears Pores
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• None

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