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Wiping off makeup has been a major concern for every makeup full face. But if I say there is someone who can wipe off your entire makeup without leaving a trace then? Well, that someone is none other than NEUTROGENA!!

So you no longer need to spend your time cleaning your face (with oil or another cleanser), then washing it with water and finishing it up by moisturizer.

Neutrogena brings to you cleansing wipes that dissolve all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup (even waterproof makeup) from your face and leaves a clean and fresh skin (no need to risen also).

You can clean all those thick powder foundations, creamy concealer, blush, eyeshadow, pencil eyeliner, kohl and mascara in just a wipe. You will not see even a single trace of makeup left on your face.

The best thing about this cleaning wipe is that if you have dry skin, it doesn’t require the use of any moisturizer; it makes your skin hydrating and smoothing. It is safe for all skin types (normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive). Impressive!!!

Use this wipe before going to bed, and you will get a smooth, supple skin in the morning.


• Very convenient. One step makeup removal
• Removes every trace very gently (no harshness)
• No need to use moisturizer
• Has very mild and pleasant fragrance
• Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested (safe for skin)
• No parabens


• No, cons whatsoever
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Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar popularly known as Cardi B is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. How Cardi B? she got this name (Cardi B) from her peers, which was actually a short name of Bacardi rum.Before debuting her journey with television series “Love & Hip Hop: New York” in 2015 Cardi B began her career as a stripper at the age of 19. According to her stripping changed her life, it saved her from poverty and an abusive relationship.

In 2013 she gained publicity through her viral videos on Instagram and Vine. On December 2016 after doing two seasons of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” she quit the show to pursue her career in music.

From there she started off her journey to become one of the superstars of the rap industry.

With her debut single, “Bodak Yellow” Cardi B dethroned Swift’s much talked and blogged out single “What You Made Me Do” on Billboard hot 100. Being an artist of a quite male-dominated genre, Hip-hop she became the first female rapper to top the Billboard Hot 100 that remained at the top for three weeks (starting from October 7, 2017) which eventually made her the longer-running solo female chart-topper.

Some of her other achievements include the first woman to chart first three entries in the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs’ Top 10 simultaneously, Winner of three awards at 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards, First rapper with first three singles in the Hot 100’s Top 10 simultaneously, Album streamed over 100 million times on Apple Music.

In the recent 61st Grammy Awards, Cardi received the Best Rap Album award for her debut “Invasion Of Privacy” Album and became the first solo female artist to win but took home her first ever Grammy. Mac Miller, Nipsey Hussle, Pusha T, and Travis Scott were also nominated along with her in the same category.
She received five Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year, Song of the year, Best Rap Performance and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

Cardi took her husband Offset on stage to accept the award, she thanked everyone who worked so hard with her. she highlighted several particular people, including her daughter Kulture and other collaborators in her thankyou speech.

Lauryn Hill was the last woman who took away the award over 20 years ago, so Cardi’s win is overall historic.

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Hey beautiful! Today we are going to talk about one of the products of Huda Beauty. Huda Kattan founder of Huda beauty who was a makeup expert and blogger (before being an entrepreneur) has come with her makeup expertise in her debut eyeshadow palette.Textured shadows palette rose gold edition, a Huda beauty product which has highly pigmented shades that consist of mattes, chrome pressed pearls and 3D metal shades.

The shades are not only gorgeous but easily buildable as well and deliver the maximum pay off for easy-on-the-go, bold metallic and smoky looks. The eyeshadow shades don’t dry out, pressed very perfectly and stays long (what else I need ).

The packaging of the eyeshadow palette is very basic as its Huda’s first palette (Three stars for packaging).

Rose gold edition comes in 18 color shades which are perfect for every skin tone and every mood or occasion.

Rose gold edition comes in a cardboard shaped, a black palette with a transparent lid (which showcase the color shades it has). The texture of each shade differs (some of them are creamy, and some of them are too dry). The wear time also varies from 7- 9 hours, but the pigmentation is impressive.


Metallic finish

• Dubai – golden brown shade with green undertones. The texture is creamy and pretty difficult to blend.
• Fling – metallic cranberry shade with copper undertones delivers full coverage. Easy to work with it and give faded edge like Dubai.
• 24k – glittery warm yellow toned gold. Pretty dry shade in texture and does tend to chalk up with a brush or finger.
• Rose gold – medium dark reddish copper with lots of glitters. The texture of rose gold is similar to 24k, difficult to blend in with a very uneven appeal.
• Trust fund – metallic copper shade with a chunky texture due to excessive sparkles in it.
• Blessed – bronze shade with a creamy consistency and applies evenly on eyelids.

Pearlised finish

• Angelic – pretty pink with little shimmer, which is easy to work with and works even better beneath a primer.
• Moondust – it is a champagne shade with decent coverage that works better with a primer.

Matte finish

• Bossy – A plumy matte with brown undertones with a powdery consistency. Good pigmentation and easy to blend.
• Flamingo – A bright pink matte shade with cool undertones and sheer coverage.
• Shy – A stunning dusty rose that sheers out as you apply it and gives a very patchy appeal on the eyelid.
• BAE – A yellow toned pearl shade with a sheer pigmentation, ideal for highlighting the brow bone. Its dry consistency doesn’t allow even the application, and the color is too sheer.
• Black truffle – The perfect black shade that is great to create smoky eyes. It feels soft when you touch and has a super pigmentation.
• Suede – A beautiful brown shade that works better with a primer. It works well without a primer too.
• Coco – A pretty chocolate brown shade that looks gorgeous when used on the lid, it has a very chalky appearance.
• Maneater – A deep red matte with a grainy texture and excessive fallout, it is something difficult to work with.
• Henna – A matte reddish brown shade with a dry consistency, it is quite easy to blend.
• Sandalwood – A toned yellow-brown with excellent opacity and a non-drying or grainy texture.


• The shade range is excellent
• Pigmentation is great
• Some textured shadows are super creamy
• Decent lasting power


• Quite pricey
• Has fall outs
• The texture of some shadows is not satisfactory

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Do your fantasy list also has a thing called ‘solo traveling’? If you are a adventures kind of soul, then you might have this dream. A dream to travel alone to escape from the hustle bustle of life for some time.
People travel to grab new experiences or to find themselves, it is daunting yet adventures, it changes your life. Just pursue your wanderlust and encounter new people and places around the globe.
There is some exotic place where you should travel alone, here is the list of those places:

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, always welcoming for all type of travelers. From its impressive culture to late night celebrations everything is so good that you would want to stay back here, you will find yourself surrounded by such overwhelming peoples. Not just the people but everything, city beaches, bars, architecture every is pleasing.


If you are a kind of person who loves soft misty rain, landscape, and love to listen to lyrical accent, then there is no better place for you then Ireland. The seascape, delightful natures, the artwork everything is so pleasing to eyes that you would want to sit back and adore Ireland’s beauty.

New York, USA

New York is the best walking streets in united states; you can budge off to Manhattan and see so many places you’ll never get bored.  San Francisco is beautiful, beautiful buildings and central parks are just adorable. You can enjoy theater acts, musical acts here, exclusive clubs will rock your night, in whole best to enjoy your own company.


Want to experience nature closely? Nepal is the best destination for you to encounter greenery all around. However the earthquake shook Nepal, but still, it’s pleasing nature will amaze you. If you love trekking, then Nepal is the place for you.

South Island

South Island is the place where you can enjoy some adventure sports solo, Skydiving, bungee jumping, jet boating, hiking, horse riding, zorbing, etc. mountains, glaciers, and greenery will leave you speechless.

Hokkaido, Japan

The second largest island in Japan is very traveling friendly for solo travelers. Hokkaido is famous for its outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and birdwatching. You can relax here and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land of Buddhism where you meet friendly and welcoming people. Ancient cities, forest reserves, mountains and so much here to adore. You can spend quality time with yourself here on beaches, and quiet resorts.

The Greek Island

Do you want to enjoy beautiful sunsets and turquoise water? Nothing can be better than the most famous sea destination in Europe, the Greek Island.  The red beaches and rocking bars and places like  Skyros, Icaria, Tilos, Gavdos should be must visit. Its alluring environment will leave you stunned.

Newfoundland, Canada

Rocky crags, drifting iceberg, and puffins, this island has everything which you need to get relaxed and enjoy your beer. You can enjoy seeing icebergs, seabirds, and whales and other marine life.

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Urban Decay is an American cosmetics and beauty brand founded in 1996 by Pat Holmes, Sandy Lerner, Wende Zominr and David Soward. The brand is famous for innovative product and blunt shade names; their target customers are younger women and those who want cruelty-free products (urban decay never tested their products on animals).
</div >

About the product

Naked ultimate basics palette is a 12 color matte neutral eyeshadow palette. It features the range of neutral matte shades enough for everyone from fair skin tones to olive complexion to the darker skin; it is ideal for all skin tones.Pigment infusion system TM is a substance present in the formula gives you a velvety texture, vibrant color, staying power and natural blending ability.


Naked ultimate basics palette comes in a 12x 0.04oz/ 1.18 ml nice square case with a double ended brush for application. The hard square case is pretty lightweight, handy and easy to open and close and give you a perfect bendable finish.

How to apply

• Use the blending brush for perfect blending
• Use the smudging brush to smudge your color smoothly


• Blow – light nude demi-matte
• Nudie – soft pink – nude matte
• Commando – light taupe – brown matte
• Tempted – pale brown matte
• Instinct – medium pink – taupe matte
• Lethal – reddish brown matte
• Pre-game – pale yellow matte
• Extra bitter – burnt orange matte
• Faith – medium warm brown
• Lockout – rich neutral brown matte
• Magnet – smoky gray matte
• Blackjack – warm black matte

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We all should learn three languages in our lives our official language, our national language, and one foreign language.Learning a new language different from your mother language is always fun it takes time and effort too, but you get to know a new culture which opens new possibilities.

But there are a few languages which are tough to understand and learn for any beginner. Here is a list of some of the few languages which are difficult to learn.


Chinese is a language which is spoken by about fifth of the total population of the world. You need to memorize over a thousand unique characters.


The Arabic language first spoke during the 6th century. It is written in four different forms depending upon the placement of it on the word. The Arabic language doesn’t include vowels in writing. Arabic has many dialects, which means what you speak in Egypt is different from what you speak in Saudi Arabia.


It is the official and national language of Vietnam.  Chinese influence Vietnamese vocabulary.


Thai is the national and official language of Thailand and half of its vocabulary i. S borrowed by Pali, old Khmer, and Sanskrit. Its complex alphabets make it tough to learn.


Icelandic is a North Germanic language is an Indo-European language, influenced by Danish and Swedish languages. The Icelandic language is unchanged since the ninth and tenth centuries.


Albanian Indio- European language spoken by the people of Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia.


Japanese, an Asian language is the national language of Japan. It is spoken by more than 125 million people around the world. What makes the Japanese more difficult is its three independent writing styles(hiraganakatakanaand kanji) each have different alphabets.


Scottish Gaelic, this language is a Celtic language that is spoken by the natives of Scotland.


It is a European Union language that is spoken by the communities of Hungary. It is spoken in Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, and Romania. The Hungarian language has some of the most difficult grammar rules, which makes this language difficult to learn.


It is the standardized variety of the servo-Croatian language is one of the official languages of the European Union.

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Fasteners are multifunctional. They help the opening and closing of the fabric correctly and can be used as a decorative element on the garment. They are functional as well as decorative element, that’s why they are an essential part of sewing.One thing you need to keep in mind while sewing fasteners: it should match correctly on both sides of the garment. And always mark the positions of the fasteners while sewing.

Today I’ll be telling you guys the different types of fasteners; we use in the making of a garment.


The buckle is a rectangular frame with a hinge pin which is used to join the end of a belt or a strap. They are mostly seen in belts, bags or shoes.


Snaps are the most comfortable fasteners; they are interlocking disc, so they are easy to take on and easy to take off as well. Snaps are mostly seen on clothing made for babies.


Cufflinks fasteners are for the cuff of the shirt. They have buttonholes on both the sides. They come in different shapes and work as a decorative piece on the garment.


Brooches are a decorative item which has attached the pin on the back of it. It is both a decorative and functional element on the garment.


The zipper is the most popular fasteners. That creates zip sound when you open or close it.

Toggle fasteners

Toggle fasteners are like buttons but not buttons, but instead of being they are long and narrow.


Grommets are metal or plastic rings that reinforce in the garment. Fabric cords are threaded through the holes. You have seen eyelets on corsets or dresses which usually has back openings.

Glass studs

Pierced with holes in the fabric, glass studs are mainly used for decorative purpose. Glass studs have a metallic base, and the upper part is of glass.


The most common fasteners, Buttons can be of plastic, woods or seashell.


Cords are usually used in drawstrings in the waistband of the garment. They are mostly used as tie openings.

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Isn’t it pleasing to ears if a foundation promises to give a velvet matte finish to oily skin?Givenchy comes up with a matissime velvet radiant mattifying foundation. This foundation inspired by the feel and comfort of velvet gives you a perfect matte, luminous finish.

Givenchy’s foundation delivers you a medium to the sheer foundation. It promises a long-lasting radiant and natural finish compliment with SPF 20 (protection from harmful UV rays).

It refines, protects and even out your skin tone in whole it protects as well as beautify your skin even more. Its dual mattifying technology imparts a matte effect to the skin.


This velvet radiant mattifying fluid foundation comes in a stylish 30 ml glass bottle with sleek, stud design around the bottle. The foundation comes with a pump dispenser to take the product out.


Velvet radiant mattifying fluid foundation is available in 8 fabulous shades
• Mat porcelain – light with neutral balance
• Mat shell – light with pink undertones
• Mat sand – light sand with neutral balance
• Mat beige – medium beige with pink undertones
• Mat honey – medium beige with warm undertones
• Mat gold – medium to dark with warm undertones
• Mat ginger – medium to dark with yellow undertones
• Mat amber – dark with warm undertones


Silica microspheres – The airy structure optimizes the absorption of excess sebum and moisture, allowing the skin to breatheBotanical trio – It targets oily areas without drying out the normal and dry areas of skin

Black cumin oil – enriched with black cumin oil purifies your skin and protects the skin and brings out the pure beauty

Burnet, ginger and cinnamon extracts help in to tighten up the pores and heal imperfections

How to use

You can apply this foundation in two ways


• Apply with your fingertips to the middle part of the face
• Spread outward, cover neck also

Makeup blender

• Apply the desired amount of foundation on the damp sponge
• Apply to face
• Use the side portion of the blender to apply foundation on the cheeks and forehead
• Use the tips of blender for hard-to-reach areas and like under eyes, upper lips and corner of the nose.

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Born on 16 December 1770, Ludwig van Beethoven was a legendary German pianist and composer. He was innovative, influential, inspirational in all he was the greatest musician of the classical era. His unique composition combined instruments and vocals, extending the horizons of the sonata, symphony, concerto and quartet music.Beethoven was a crucial figure in catapulting the Classical Era into the Romanticism. During his early age, music was taught by his father Johann van Beethoven who was also a composer. At the age of 12, he published his first official composition- a set of variations of the piano. When he was 21, he moved to Vienna, where he studied composition and gained popularity as an expert pianist.

His life was marked by struggles, he continued his career as a musician despite his increasing deafness. From the age of 25, his hearing power began to decline and by the age of 46, he entirely became deaf. Even though he got retired from performing on stage due to his loss of hearing, he continued to compose throughout his life and some of his best work actually produced after he was completely deaf.

Even with his deafness, Beethoven maintained his perfect pitch Fur Elise, Symphony No. 5, Symphony No. 7 and Missa Solemnis are some of his famous compositions, they are exceptionally great it is hard to find someone who hasn’t heard these compositions perhaps they are greatest compositions ever. His music has had an emotional and intellectual depth which still an inspiration for other artists after him.

Without the influence of composers like Beethoven contemporary music could not be what it is today. It has been said that Beethoven established the popular concept of the “artist”, a person separate from society having a profound influence over the culture.

He died on 26 March 1827 at the age of 56 and his funeral was attended by 20,000 people (estimated). Beethoven was a genius artist who knew what he could give to the world. He was about to commit suicide after he recognized he would be slowly turning deaf. The only thing that kept him alive at that time was his sense of duty to the world– to give the world his music.

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Want to know the fashion industry more closely? Well, a peek to latest trends can’t make you understand this glorious world at once, you need to be informed of its formation, popularity and influence over the time.You won’t get this information severed in a single place; you have to read books or documents, they acquire dozens of details about the fashion’s rich history.

Here I am suggesting some of the books which you should read to get more close to the fashion world. They will give a broad knowledge of this industry, how it operates and runs, Fashion is way more than just a glamorous world.

The end of fashion: How marketing changed the clothing business forever

By: Teri Agnis
Though she wrote it in the 1990’s, it is more relevant to nowadays. The end of Fashion is an analysis of 20’s fashion business, from the dressmakers to the rise of mass marketing over the fashion houses. Anyone wanting to get into the fashion industry should read this, it incorporates an overview of the takeover of the marketing over designs, the rise of Armani or Donna Karan and the battle of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger in 90’s.

Fashion (Oxford History of Art)

By: Christopher Breward

Breward gave the most colorful insight of the fashion industry, from developing fabric technology to developing high street fashion to the next level. This book is the most modern, and accessible book on today’s fashion. If you are looking for a well-illustrated book on modern day fashion, then this is the one.

Overdressed: The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion

By: Elizabeth L. Cline

Cheap fashion has changed our way of dressing; we habitually addicted towards paying less and getting more and retailers have turned the clothes into disposable good to gain more profit. The book reveals the dark side of today’s clothing culture. Through this book, the author tried to undress the truth of cheap fashion.

Hijacking the runway: How celebrities are stealing the spotlight

By: Teri Agnis

Hijacking is all about the impact of celebrities are having on the fashion industry. It is the celebrities who acquires the real power of fashion. It is no longer about the brand or products the thing that matter is the face who is promoting it.

Gods and Kings: The rise and fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano

By: Dana Thomas

To get to read a parallel story of two great men of fashion industry together, is anything could be better than this? The life and careers are fascinating of both the men, Galliano began his journey as an illustrator and  McQueen as a Savile, Row tailor. They nearly share the same background, that makes this book more interesting document to read.

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