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Whether you’re organizing a family get together or hosting a big eve party, there are a few things you need to be particular about sparkly decor, snacks, and activities for all ages and your party playlist is one of them. Good music, food, and good conversation is a great way to bring everyone closer and end the New Year’s Eve party on a high note.Here I’m mentioning some of my favorite classic and modern new year’s eve songs which will rock your party like anything.

So lets cheers to a better life and a bright future. Have a prosperous New Year!

Funky new year- The Eagles

In 1978, The Eagles released their Christmas album “Funky New Year,” the b-side, is one of the rocking song written by the band’s Glenn Frey and Don Henley.

Aula lang syne- the new year's anthem- Mariah Carey

“Auld Lang Syne (The New Year’s Anthem)” is a song by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey along with Randy Jackson and Johnny “Sev” Severin re-composed and re-titled the poem “Auld Lang Syne” by Robert Burns is a fun dance number to tap your feet on.

This will be our year- The Zombies

This will be our year is one of the songs from Odessey and Oracle, the second studio album by English rock band the Zombies.

New year's day- Taylor Swift

“New Year’s Day” is a song by American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift, recorded for her album, Reputation (2017). Taylor Swift co-wrote and co-produced the track with Jack Antonoff.

Maybe baby (new year's day)- Sugarland

Maybe baby (new year’s day) is a song from the album gold and green by Sugarland. This beautiful new year number was written by and Jennifer Nettles Kristian Bush.

Champagne- Lindsay Ell

“Champagne” was released as the album’s first promotional single of the album The Project. Inspired by its title Champagne is a must-have a song in your playlist.

Dancing queens- ABBA

“Dancing Queen” is a Europop song by the Swedish group ABBA, the song was written by Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, and Stig Anderson, it was released in 1976 and was a worldwide hit.

New Year's Day- U2

New Year’s Day is one of a song from album War, by Irish rock band U2. It is a perfect song to keep your energy flowing high during your eve party.

New year's day- Charlie Robison

It’s New Year’s Day here on the border, and it’s always been this way I never do the things I oughta, think I’ll stay, it’s New Year’s Day

This classic country song is perfect to groove.

What are you doing new year's eve? Ella Fitzgerald

“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” is a popular song written in 1947 by Frank Loesser. The song has been recorded by varied artists as Bette Midler, Donny Osmond, Lena Horne, the Carpenters, Johnny Mathis, Harry Connick Jr., and the Stylistics.

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After having a day with makeup the thing that bothers you the most is how to remove makeup smoothly and quickly, some cleanser doesn’t remove makeup easily, or some make your vision cloudy.
Kiehl’s has a solution for you.Kiehl’s has introduced a light-weight oil cleanser to remove makeup and impurities from your skin. Its thin texture spread easily over the skin which is rich enough to remove heavy waterproof makeup. It also removes mascara and eyeliner effortlessly.Kiehl’s cleansing oil comes in a 5.9oz/175ml bottle with a pump over it, to dispense the formula. The formula enriched with essential oils that left your skin clean and soft with leaving it tight and hydrate. Midnight cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types, i.e., normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive.Some cleansers leave your eyes blurry, but Kiehl’s cleansing oil doesn’t make your eyes cloudy and removes impurities smoothly without being itchy on the face.</div >

How to use

• Apply to dry skin.
• Four pumps on the face. Gently go back and forth with your fingers, over the eye.
• Add a little water to your fingers and repeat the process.

How to use

• Essential oil blend and lavender essential oil: soothe redness and reduce skin blotchiness for a better look.
• Evening primrose oil: for boosting radiance.
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It always feels good to be around your friends and family during the holidays. Holiday get together is the best time for makeup lovers like me to try something fun. Since Christmas and the new year is about happiness, enjoyment and partying, I’ve created a makeup look that will rock under every light, making me look sparkling similar to the mood.Smashbox cover Shot Eye Palette in Bold Glitter, daring & vibrant glitter eyeshades helped me achieve the look, this pigment-powered eyeshadow palette has the perfect mix of colors, formulas, and finishes that can help you to rock the latest trend and exhibit your creative look. I’ve used greyscale shade to create the super sparkly look.
I’m sharing my holiday makeup look under different lightings.

These are the product details of this makeup look

Primer Benefit professional primer
Makeup forever HD foundation

MAC studio fix 24-hour concealer

Smash box cover shot eyeshadow- bold glitter
Mac eyeshadow x15 -warm neutral
Mac dazzle shadow liquid (stars in my eyes)

NYX Professional makeup jumbo eye pencil black bean
Setting powder
Bobbi Brown- soft

Contour and bronzer
Benefit hoola bronzer
Smash box step by step contour stick

NARS orgasm blush

Bobbie brown shimmer brick compact

A mixed bunch of nude lipsticks

Benefit – browvo! Conditioning eyebrow primer
Precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil


Setting spray
NYX professional makeup long-lasting makeup setting spray dewy finish

KIKO Milano


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New Zealand’s national fruit is not from there at all? Then where it is originally from? Well, kiwifruit is basically from China. Initially, kiwifruit had a Chinese name, Yang Tao. Seeds of Yang Tao were brought to New Zealand in 1904 by Mary Isabel Fraser who was a principal by profession and came to China for educational purpose.
when yang Taos were first grown in New Zealand their sweet and tangy flavor earned a nickname called “Chinese gooseberries.” In 1959 it was decided to change the name to Kiwifruit, after New Zealand’s national bird.
Apart from New Zealand, Italy, China, Chile, Greece, France, Turkey, Iran, Japan are some of the major kiwifruit producers.
Kiwis not only taste amazing but are full of nutrients too, which includes folate, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin E, phytochemicals, and more. It also has lots of antioxidants and a good source of fiber.
These are some fantastic health benefits of KIWI which makes it a must have fruit. In case you haven’t included kiwi in your diet as yet then you should start taking it as soon as possible.

Manages Blood Pressure

Patients of high levels of blood pressure advised intaking kiwi. According to the study, the one who consumes kiwi regularly tend to have lower systolic blood pressure, due to its antioxidant properties. Though Kiwi is not the solution on its own, yes moderate consumption can help in lower down the blood pressure level.

Boosts Immunity

Kiwis are packed with nutrients especially Vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds which helps to boost the immune system. Kiwi supports the immune system and reduces the chances of development of flu diseases.

Supports Weight Loss

Kiwis are the perfect option to include in your weight loss diet. 100 grams of kiwis contain only 55 calories, and its soluble fiber promotes fullness reducing the hunger pangs.
Low Glycemic Index and high fiber content of kiwi supports weight loss practices.

Improves Digestion

Kiwi has plenty of fibers, and more importantly, it has a proteolytic enzyme called Actindin that helps to break down protein. Kiwi rectifies the imbalance in your digestive system.

Reduce Blood Clotting

A regular intake of kiwi can reduce the risk of blood clotting by 18% and triglycerides by 15%. Kiwi is better than your daily dose of aspirin since it can cause many side effects including inflammation and intestinal bleeding — kiwifruit posses the same anti-clotting benefits with no side effects but additional health effects.

Helps Fight Heart Disease

Kiwifruit contains potassium, (100gm kiwi contains 312mg of potassium) which aids blood thinning and clot removal processes, eventually lowering the pressure on the blood vessels. Kiwi also raises the levels of good cholesterol in the blood.

More importantly, Kiwi also contains quercetin, a polyphenol antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Radiant skin

Kiwi contains several skin-friendly nutrients like vitamins C, E, and others antioxidants that boost and rejuvenates skin health. Kiwifruit is loaded with dietary fibers and antioxidants which helps in eliminating toxins and wastes from the body, which results in the healthy glowing skin.

Good for eye health

kiwi contains lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants which protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation, cigarette smoke, and air pollution and other types of damages.

Persuade Sleep

kiwi contains lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants which protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation, cigarette smoke, and air pollution and other types of damages.

So, these were some interesting and helpful health benefits of kiwi. Hope it helped you to know more about your favorite fruit KIWI.

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Kiehl’s is an American cosmetics brand founded in 1851 by John Kiehl, specialized in hair, skin and body care products.Kiehl’s formulates products with natural and organic ingredients. Kiehl’s has won 22 international awards since it introduced in the beauty industry.

About The Product

Midnight recovery concentrate is a face serum that repairs, re-energize and regenerates your skin for smooth and healthy looking skin.Formulated with natural and organic ingredients like evening primrose oil, lavender oil, and squalane repairs your skin’s elasticity and gives you a younger looking radiant finish. This serum is suitable for all skin types, i.e., normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive.

Packaging and texture

Midnight recovery concentrate comes in 3 different sizes bottles
• 1fl. oz
• 1.7fl. oz
• 3.4fl. oz
The bottle is quite simple and dreamy it comes along with a dropper, which is very easy for use and a mess-free application. The texture of the formula is very transparent, light-weight and non-greasy, it gets absorbed into the skin right away and will not let you feel oily or shiny, and you can sleep without any worry (if you sleep with your face down on the pillow).


• Evening primrose oil – it contains fatty acid which heals skin’s barrier, maintains hydration and elasticity
• Lavender oil – It soothes irritated skin and makes the skin look brighter and healthier
• Squalane – Squalance is Kiehl’s signature product; it absorbs quickly to restore skin’s moisture balance and keep it soft and smooth

How to use

• Clean your face
• Apply 2-3 drops of serum on your skin
• Gently press through fingertips to cheeks, forehead, and chin to massage evenly on skin
• Can be worn alone or under moisturizer

Note: if you want to see true results use it alone


• Suitable for all skin types
• Paraben-free
• Absorbed quickly
• Easy to use
• 2-3 drops
• Hydrates skin
• Gives a dewy look


• It is not exactly a con, but still, some people might feel that it is pricey

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Holiday songs are always special year after year but some songs remained classic for decades. Some of the songs managed to capture the spirit of holiday making us sing along. Whether you are hosting a Christmas party or going to attend one, a festive playlist is all you need to rock it.This list is all about songs which will rock your party, from old school classic to modern day songs. I’m mentioning 10 favorite Christmas songs of mine. Have a wonderful holly jolly Christmas!

Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley

Blue Christmas, a very popular song written by Billy Hayes; Jay W. Johnson and most famously performed by Elvis Presley. Blue Christmas is a tale of unrequited love during the holidays.

All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey

This beautiful Christmas song is written and sung by Mariah Carey. ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ is one of the best-selling modern day Christmas songs.

Puppies are forever by Sia

Puppies are forever is a song from Sia’s Christmas album. The song’s theme is how people should love and cherish their puppy forever, especially if they find one under their tree on Christmas Day.

Merry xmas everybody by Slade

Merry xmas everybody is one of the Christmas songs created of British rock band Slade.  The song was written by the kead vocalist Noddy Holder.

Jingle bell rock by Hall & Oates

Jingle bell rock is an American Christmas song first released by Bobby Helms; Hall & Oates released their version in 1983.

Santa claus is coming to town by Michael Bublé

“Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town” is a Christmas song, written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie. It was first sung on Eddie Cantor’s radio show in November 1934. The song has been recorded by over 200 artists; Michael Bublé is one of them.

Oh santa by Mariah Carey

“Oh Santa!” is a song by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey. The song received praises for its composition and style.

Jingle bells by Ella Fitzgerald

Jingle bells is one of the songs from the album Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas by the American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.

Put a little love in your heart by Annie & Al Green

This song is performed by Annie Lennox and Al Green from the original motion picture soundtrack for Scrooged (1988).

Father Christmas by The Kinks

Father Christmas is a track by The Kinks in 1977.

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Petra Strand, an experienced makeup artist and product developer, launched PIXI beauty with a mission “to make women look at themselves, only better.” From the beauty industry to ordinary women everyone admires Pixi beauty, it seems like she is succeeding in her mission.Pixi has introduced a glow toner that magically soothes, brightens and hydrates your skin. Pixi glow toner is gentle exfoliating toner that removes dead skin, soothes skin and makes your skin brighter and smoother.

The toner is so watery (smells like “rose-lipstick” ) and absorbs quickly once it gets absorbed it becomes hard to notice toner, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work…it dries matte and immediately makes your skin hydrated and moisturize.


The essential ingredients of pixi glow toner are:• Aloe vera – It is the skin’s good friend. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, skin lightening and healing properties.
• Witch hazel – Scavenges free radicals and heals damaged skin cells
• 5% glycolic acid – It increases cell turnover rate, exfoliates skin surface, treats clogged pores, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation.
• Glycerin – Moisturizes the skin
• Fructose, Glucose, and Sucrose – These are natural sugar, dissolve pathogenic biofilms and balance the skin microflora
• Urea – Helps itchy skin and increase the water content of the outer layer of skin
• Ginseng root extract – Helps lighten dark spots

How to use

• Soak a cotton pad with the tonic and sweep over face and neck
• Use it in morning and night after cleansing
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No smudging, creasing or caking. NARS claimed the following when launched its smudge proof eyeshadow base. NARS further claims to impart a seamless canvas which let powder and cream colors look gorgeous, fresh like just-applied and lasts longer.So are these claims are true or just fabricating?
Since I love makeup, I wanted to give smudge proof eyeshadow base a try, and when I bought it my expectations were pretty high which is, I guess very natural. Does it live up to my expectations or not? Let ‘s find out.

NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base is a blend of polymer and mineral-powder that establishes a firm grip on color which ensures hours of gorgeous wear. Braced with a special deep-sea extract and an antioxidant rice extract, the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base dries quickly and keeps the delicate eyelid smooth and ready for color application.


Smudge-proof eyeshadow base comes in a matte tube with a sponge applicator. When you take out the product, you will see the white color formula (original shade), but it goes colorless upon application. The smooth, velvety application feels like a dream. It feels light, spreads quickly, totally brightens up the eyeshadow color, and makes eye shadow looking fresh.
One thing that annoyed me lil was its matte packaging, is not see through, you wouldn’t be able to know when the product gets finished.


Isododecane, Talc, Cyclopentasiloxane, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Vp/Eicosene Copolymer, Dimethicone, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Cyclohexasiloxane, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Propylene Carbonate, Peg-40 Stearate, Sorbitan Olivate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Phenoxyethanol, Diethylhexyl Syringylidenemalonate, Oryza Sativa [Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil Extract], Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Castor Oil Phosphate, Sea Whip Extract, Mica, Ci 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Ci 77163 (Bismuth Oxychloride).


Smudge-proof eyeshadow base comes in 5 different shades


How To Use

Gently brush a thin layer of the base on the eyelid
Give it a blend with your fingertips
It dries out quickly. You can start you eye-makeup

When I applied it for the first (i applied decent amount) on my eyelid, it felt so smooth and soft it didn’t cause any irritation to my lids, even I tried it with all type of eyeshadows, and it worked well with all of them it didn’t let me down. My eyeshadows intact all day long with creating creasing or smudging.
NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base got the green light from me it does everything which you could expect from an eyeshadow base. Just apply it and forget about everything 🙂


• Fragrance-free
• Dermatologist tested/ safe to use
• For all skin types
• Smooth texture


• Matte packaging is a little annoying as it could get dirty easily
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The belt is always an essential part of our clothing. From ages back, belts found to be very functional, and now it is accepted more as a sign of style.
Today, we will be talking about the belts.

Crushed wide belt

As the name suggests crushed, a wide belt is a woven wide belt which has folds on it tied on the waist.

Wide fabric sush

Wide fabric sush is a wide belt, made of leather or woven

Obi wrap

Japanese kimono wrap inspires obi to wrap it is broad in center front and thin at the near ends. It is worn by rounding it two times over the waist and tie in the front.

Obi square knot

It is similar to obi wrap; it is squarer in shape.


It is a broad belt worn at the waist. Different strips of woven often make it.


Cinch is a belt which is created with the wide elastic band.

Contour hip hugger

Contour hip hugger is a broad belt which is backed by the hips.

Asymmetrical novelty buckle

This belt is asymmetrical in shape, worn on the waist.


Chain belt is made by composing various rings in on each other.

Medium width basic

It is the belt which has a smooth medium height.

Braided belt

A braided belt is made by binding leather or fabric together.


Rope/ cord belt is made by one or more drawstrings tied together.

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A chef’s jacket is recognizable at once. It is the most prestigious thing a chef could ever own, you’ll never find a chef cooking without wearing his coat. In today’s time, there are other colors in the kitchen too, but the white jacket is the most frequent one.But why do they wear white? Considering the fact that they have frenetic activity with ingredients, white color easily catches visible stains. Then why white? Was that a waggish decision of making white color chef jacket?
Well, I would begin with writing, White chef jacket is a complete practical piece of clothing for chefs so they could prepare food for us safely and deliberately. How?
Below are some points which prove that decision absolutely right.

The Intense heat of the kitchen

Chef jackets are made up of heavy cotton material which makes it comfortable and breathable during working in the kitchen. Fire and flames make the temperature of the kitchen really high; here white color helps as it has reflective properties and doesn’t absorb heat and remains breathable.
The white color is a savior in that condition.

Protect from burns and cuts

As cooking is all about cutting, frying, steaming, etc. it is higher chances that you could cut or burns yourself. To ensure your safety chef jacket has long sleeves which protect their arms from cuts and burns. The double layer provides them with an additional layer of protection, that double layer can be reversed as well so to prevent the sleeve from stains.

The chef jacket is Double Breasted which can be worn flipped if the jacket gets dirty chefs can reverse it and wear.  Nice, Clean And Presentable!
French Knot Buttons– The buttons on the chef jacket are not of plastic or metal; they are french knotted buttons (knotted-cloth buttons) which are less likely to break.
Imagine you’re sitting in an enjoying your food and guess what you found a plastic button in your food. That would be very disgraceful right? To avoid these types of unintentional mistakes makers decided to put french knot buttons on chef coat. Because no one wants to take a chance with their food.

The WHITE color

As I told you white color repels heat instead of absorbing it which makes it the best color to wear in the kitchen. And do you know another fantastic benefit of wearing white it can be bleached easily no matter how badly stained a jacket is. No other color can be as effectively bleached as white since there are high chances of color getting damaged.

The color of Purity and Cleanliness

WHITE denotes purity and cleanliness, wearing white gives an assurance to the people that whatever Chefs are making is pure, hygienic and clean just like their uniform.

So next time when you see a chef in a restaurant. Be glad that you know the story of their uniform.

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