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Fashion history is a fascinating topic to talk about. To talk about fashion, you need to have some knowledge about fashion and to know about it; you have to be informed of its beginning and different changes which took place in the different centuries.

Therefore I thought to talk about the past years of fashion. So, here is a quick look at past ruled trends and styles.


Age of Hourglass

Modernity and new technology made women clutch to ultra-feminine fashion ideas.


• Elegant
• Tall
• Long neck
• Full bosom (pigeon breast)
• Tiny Waist
• Full Hips



• Large, much-adorned hats
• Long, equal adorned dress
• Cinched waist
• Pastels, vivid, bright colors


A move towards fashion freedom

Urbanization starts affecting the lives of women, they starting embracing makeup.


• Petite
• Sloped shoulders
• Small breasts
• Curved waistlines
• Largish head



• Hats became smaller
• Freedom from corset
• High waistline
• Lose skirts with gather folds. Generally narrow ankle-length hemlines.


The jazz age ( birth of modern era)

New women starting to enjoy her freedom


• Short
• Not skinny, but squat
• Flat chest
• No waist
• Boxy torso
• Hip emphasis



• Snug, cloche hats to minimize the head size
• Shift dress
• Drop Waist
• Hemline to knees to mid-calf
• Visible legs
• Bold color combinations


Return to femininity

Feminine yet inspired by menswear


• Sleek and skinny
• Stoop shoulders
• Low breasts
• Natural waistlines
• Streamline hips



• Hat (obligatory)
• Ultra feminine
• The dress fitted at the waist
• Fur
• Gloves
• Very low hemline
• Dainty shoes
• Muted colors


Fashion goes to war

Women started working, while men are fighting in the war, practical clothes were in style.


• High breasts
• Taut waistline
• Molded hips
• Curvaceous legs



• Whimsical, dramatic or silly hats
• Large padded shoulders
• Fitted waist
• Hemlines rise to the knee or just below or above
• Patriotic colors


Hourglass returns

The retro fashion of 1900’s returned


• Small sloped shoulders
• Large, pointed breasts
• Cinched waist
• Voluptuous hips


FASHION IDEA Mid-century has three silhouettes

1. Hourglass
2. Long and tapered
3. Slim and boxy


Return to childhood

Return to past, hippie and more relaxed clothes


• Tall
• Gangly
• Small breasts
• Childlike
• Narrow Hips
• Long, skinny legs


The sixties have three big FASHION IDEAS

The early Sixties
A continuation of the new look and the boxy, slim silhouette.

The Mid Sixties
The mini-skirts

The late Sixties
Flaunting, nostalgic- romantic with an ethnic flavor


Adoption of menswear look

Fashion start touching new height, experimentation with fashion began


• Willowy
• Natural breasts
• Taut waistlines
• Slim Hips
• No corset
• No girdles



• Bell bottom pants
• Platform shoes
• Wrap dresses
• Gaucho pants
• Pastel, bright, shimmery satins


The glorious decade


• Tall
• Amazonian
• Broad shoulders
• Long legs
• Toned Abs
• Trim hips



• Preppie look
• The retro fashion of the 1950’s
• Cocktail dresses
• Acid wash jeans
• balloon skirts
• Crop tops
• Pumps


More caring and optimistic decade


• Skinny
• Clavicle
• Scrawny shoulders
• Rib cage
• Hipbones



• Crop tops
• Baggy jeans
• Floral dresses
• Boyfriend blazers
• Palazzo pants
• Tennis shoes


Decade of fusion

Hip-hop fashion is in the hype


Women of the 2000s aimed for the unobtainable body. The Barbie.


• Vintage fashion trends
• Fashion trends of the decade like 60’s, 70’s 40’s were adopted



• The body is all about bass and booty
• A healthy body is the new skinny.



• Influenced by 1980’s fashion
• Tribal fashion and 90’s revival
• Monochromatic and printed clothing
• Hippie influences
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For skincare routine

You may think beauty blender is made for foundations and makeup only, but you can use a beauty blender for skin care also. Yes, its pointed edges are helpful to apply moisturizer or serum on your dry areas.

For liquid products

Before applying liquid products always make sure that your beauty blender is wet (Damp your beauty blender with water and squeeze the extra amount of water). Damp beauty blender gives you dewy and natural finish. Appy product with the help of its pointed edges and bounce it on your face.

For powder

Damp your sponge and dip it on powder and start pressing it into your face, blend it finely. Turn your beauty blender horizontally to create cut contour and flip it to the dome side to blend it out.


Dispense self-tanner upon your beauty blender, apply on your face and bounce gently with your beauty blender.

For blotting excess oil

Beautyblender’s creator Rea Ann Silva created Blotterazzi, to blot excess oil from face. It is the alternative of traditional blotting paper. It absorbs oil, diffuse shine and reorganizes makeup. Blotterazzi is a thin sponge, shaped like beauty blender which easily blots excess oil and its pointed part blot oil from hard to reach areas.

To remove excess product

Beauty blender has revolutionized the makeup world. Its alternative usage makes it the master of makeup game. Drag the beauty blender over heavy blushes or bronzer to remove excess powder and smooth the application.

This blender changes the style of applying make-up; it is perfect for beginners who face inconvenience while blending and applying make-up. The blender will be the best tool if you want to blend your medium to heavy coverage foundations.

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“It’s not about winning. But what it’s about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it. There’s a discipline for passion. And it’s not about how many times you get rejected or you fall down or you’re beaten up. It’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and you keep on going.” Lady Gaga gave this emotional speech while accepting her FIRST Oscar award for ‘Shallow’.

This year is very special for gaga, why? Why not, after all she became the first female to receive all five big awards in a year.

Golden Globes Award

Gaga arrived at the award function in periwinkle blue Valentino gown. She accepted the award for best original song for shallow alongside her co-writers Mark Ronson, Andrew Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt. She delivered her speech saying “I just have to say, as a woman in music, it is really hard to be taken. Seriously as a musician and a songwriter. These three incredible men…they lifted me up and supported me.”

Critics' Choice Award

Lady Gaga accepted the award for best actress and best song (both from the movie A Star Is Born) at the 24th annual Critics’ Choice Awards, she was visibly emotional while delivering her speech gaga began her speech “I am so honored by this, I went to places in my mind and in my heart that I did not know existed or that I could.” when the piano music began in the middle of her speech, signaling her to end her speech “It’s OK, I can still do this with a piano background,” Gaga said like a true musician and actress.

Grammy Awards

Gaga took home three awards at the 61st annual Grammy academy for Best pop duo/group performance, Best song written for visual media for “Shallow” and Best pop solo performance for “Joanne” (Where do you think you’re goin?)

She said on her thanking speech “I’m so proud to be a part of a movie that addresses mental health issues,” Gaga said. “They’re so important. And a lot of artists deal with that, and we’ve got to take care of each other. So if you see somebody that’s hurting, don’t look away. And if you’re hurting, even though it might be hard, try to find that bravery within yourself to dive deep and go tell somebody and take them up in your head with you.”

British Academy Of Film And TV Arts Award

Gaga was nominated for two categories Best Actress In a Leading Role and Best Film Music for 72nd BAFTA. she won an award for best film music (a star is born), Bradley accepted the award in the absence of gaga and thanked everyone on behalf of her.


Gaga was nominated in two category Best Actress and Best original song for “A star is born” and “Shallow.” Gaga accepted the award and delivered an emotional thank you speech. She thanked her family, co-workers, team and Bradley Copper.

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Tired of a hectic day? Want a place to escape? I have an idea for you, how about entering the world of glamour, the world of Fashion.

It is so exciting to satisfy your vicarious fashion fix by watching fashion movies, to see people wearing the most beautiful attires with perfect shoes and accessories. Fashion movies are just addiction for fashion enthusiasts like you and me.

Here I am listing some of the famous and must watch fashion movies, if you haven’t seen these as yet then you should. Watch and familiarize yourself with the inside happenings of the fashion world.

The devil wears Prada

Director: David Frankel

A smart and sensible new graduate in journalism Andrea aka Andy (Anne Hathaway) who dreams to see herself as a journalist one day, although she has no sense of fashion gets a job of a junior assistant with a sophisticated and ruthless executive of the runway fashion magazine Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). Survival is quite tough for her since she has to change her lifestyle to gain the acceptance of her cruel chief and colleagues. Andy works hard to deal with Miranda’s impossible demands and finds that this lifestyle is affecting her personal life and relations with her friend Lily (Tracie Thomas) and boyfriend Nate (Adrian Grenier). As we reach towards the end of the movie we get to see Andy realized that life is made of choices.

Coco before Chanel

Director:  Anne Fontaine

This film is a story of struggle, the story of Coco Chanel’s life before becoming an icon of the fashion world.  Gabrielle (Coco), Chanel’s father, left her in an orphanage and never returned to her, she used to work in a bar, both as a garment worker and as a singer to earn her living. Her connection with Baron Balsan helps her to enter in the French high society and improve her designing skills increasingly hat designing. Unaware of the fact that Arthur Capel (English businessman) is betrothed to a woman in England she fell in love with him. Capel has a strong belief in coco’s talent for designing he says” there is no one else like you.” But soon her business starting flourished she loses him in an accident, but still, keep his memories as the remainder of their love.

Sex and the city

Creator: Darren star

This romantic comedy-drama is a story of four girls, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha Jones(Kim Cattrall), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) who are the best friends, despite their nature and altering sex lives they remain close to each other strongly. Each series has different storylines like that tackle social issues like safe sex, sexuality, femininity, etc. The story follows their perspectives and experiences regarding sex and relationships. Their styling sense and fashion styling make this movie more fashionable to watch and more trendy to follow.


Director: Ben Stiller

Derek Zoolander, a supermodel who accoladed with the title “male model” for three continuous years, get upset when he is beaten up by Hansel, a newcomer. His family gets disappointed; his friend circle gets shrink. He starts losing his confidence until he meets fashion guru Mugatu, who hire him as a model. Mugatu’s intentions are not pure he starts trying to brainwash Zoolander and forcing him to murder prime minister of Malaysia. Along the time he befriends with his rival Hansel and tries to prevent the incident before it happens. Zoolander’s character gave a direction to male models styling; I wouldn’t be wrong if I say Zoolander predicts the future of the male fashion.

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Lemon, scientifically known as citrus lemon, is one of the most popular citrus fruits.

What are citrus fruits? Citrus fruits are the fruits which grow on flowing trees and shrubs. Grapefruit, lime, and orange are some of the common examples of citrus fruits.

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C and fiber and carries many plant compounds and minerals. It contains vitamins like Vitamin C, Potassium and Vitamin B6.

Other than vitamins, lemon contains plant compounds, it is the natural bioactive substance present in plants. Citric Acid, Hesperidin, Diosmin, Eriocitrin, D-Limonene are some plant compounds present in lemon which is beneficial for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation.


Some of the health benefits of lemon:

Treats Indigestion

Lemon is a very good option for people who are dealing with indigestion or constipation. lemon being a cleansing agent and blood purifier helps you to get rid of indigestion.

Lemon juice to a glass of warm water or soda will help and ease the bowel movements.

Dental Care

Lemon is very beneficial for your teeth. you may have noticed most of the toothpaste contain lemon as its key ingredient. Lemon provides a number of benefits to your teeth, it helps you get rid of a toothache, gum bleeding, and bad odors.

You can add a drop of lemon juice onto your regular toothpaste but be careful the mix could be highly acidic and might give you a burning sensation.

Hair Care

Lemon provides many benefits to your hair. lemon treat problems like dandruff, hair loss, dry and dull hair. you can apply lemon juice on your hair, but you have to be quite careful with the quantity as it is a bleaching agent and can lighten the color of the hair.

Support Heart Health

How lemon is good for your health? Well, lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and consumption of vitamin c reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks.

Weight Loss

You must’ve aware of this benefit of lemon. Drink a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach it will help in reducing weight loss. Polyphenols present in lemon subdue weight gain and fat accumulation.

Skin Care

Lemon has antiseptic properties in it which aid skin related problems. lemon reduces sunburn and bee sting pains, acne and eczema. Lemon removes wrinkles and blackhead and acts as an anti-aging cure.

Drink lemon juice with warm water you can add honey as well, regular drinking of lemon water gives you healthy glowing skin.

Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are mall lumps of minerals and acid salts that form inside the kidney, it may cause pain during travel through the urinary tract. Lemon contains critic acid in it which fend off the growth of kidney stones and breaks them into smaller pieces.

Regular consumption of lemon provide enough citric acid to the body, it helps in preventing stones.

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Fenty beauty introduced a soft matte foundation that gives skin an instantly smooth, pore-diffused and shine-free finish that easily builds to your ideal full to medium coverage.

The foundation’s oil-free formula made along a climate-adaptive technology that is sweat resistant and humidity resistant. It won’t clog pores so that wherever you go, it will not going to bother you and this long-wearing, the light-as-air texture is undetectable on skin that means – you will always look like you.

People who don’t want to use animal tested products can blindly trust this product, as this foundation is 100% cruelty-free and safe for use.


The foundation comes in a 32ml bottle which has a built-in pump to dispense the formula. The packaging of the product is nice yet classy. The bottle is transparent so you can see inside’s formula, and it is super handy easy to carry and travel as well.


The texture of the foundation is light-weight and natural that gives you medium coverage; it is easy to blend you can use a beauty blender or your fingers either. The foundation is buildable and can give you full coverage anytime you needed.

Feel and lasting power

This formula is light-weight and feels very natural. The finish is also soft matte; it gives you no makeup look even after applying it. The foundation lasts longer and doesn’t look dull or fade throughout the day. The foundation sets within a minute, so you need to be quick while blending.


Faux filter foundation comes in a wide range of 40 shades. They have a wide range of shades that you will get your ideal shade matching your undertone easily.

I will mention all the 40 shades here.

  • 100 – for very fair skin with neutral undertones
  • 110 – for very fair skin with cool undertones
  • 120 – for very fair skin with neutral undertones
  • 130 – for fair skin with warm yellow undertones
  • 140 – for light skin with warm undertones
  • 150 – for light skin with neutral undertones
  • 160 – for light skin with warm peach undertones
  • 170 – for light skin with cool undertones
  • 180 – for light skin with warm undertones
  • 190 – for light to medium skin with neutral undertones
  • 200 – for light to medium skin with cool undertones
  • 210- for medium skin with neutral undertones
  • 220 – for medium skin with warm peach undertones
  • 230 – for medium skin with neutral undertones
  • 240 – for medium skin with neutral undertones
  • 250 – for medium skin with very warm and very peach undertones
  • 260 – for medium skin with neutral undertones
  • 270 – for medium to tan skin with warm undertones and subtle peach tones
  • 280 – for medium to tan skin with warm peach undertones
  • 290 – for medium to tan skin with neutral olive undertones
  • 300 – for medium to tan skin with neutral undertones
  • 310 – for medium to tan skin with very warm undertones
  • 320 – for tan skin with warm peach undertones
  • 330 – for tan skin with warm yellow undertones
  • 340 – for tan skin with cool pink undertones
  • 350 – for tan skin with neutral undertones
  • 360 – for tan to deep skin with neutral olive undertones
  • 370 – for tan to deep skin with warm undertones
  • 380 – for tan skin to deep with cool red undertones
  • 390 – for tan to deep skin with warm undertones
  • 400 – for deep skin with warm undertones and subtle red tones
  • 410 – for deep skin with cool undertones
  • 420 – for deep skin with neutral undertones
  • 430 – for deep skin with neutral undertones and subtle red tones
  • 440 – for deep skin with cool red undertones
  • 450 – for deep skin with warm undertones
  • 460 – for deep skin with cool and very red undertones
  • 470 – for deep skin with neutral undertones and subtle red tones
  • 480 – for deep skin with neutral undertones
  • 490 – for deep skin with cool undertones
Phew, it is really a wide range of shades!!!! (Giggle)


  • Nice packaging
  • Pump to dispense formula
  • Gives soft matte finish
  • Easy to blend
  • Looks natural on skin
  • Doesn’t need powder for setting
  • Mild fragrance
  • Waterproof and sweatproof formula
  • Easy to remove


  • It doesn’t highlight your dry patches ( prepare your skin before application is mandatory)
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Travelling is always fun; everyone likes to explore new places and new cultures. But there are still some do’s and don’ts of traveling which everyone should need to follow.

One of the biggest inconveniences while traveling around the world is airport security checks. It is the most annoying stage which we all have to cross anyhow.

But you can make things a little bit easier by wearing the right clothes while traveling to make somewhere your travel hassle-free.


You know you have to go through the metal detector, so it’s better to avoid metal hairpins.

Offensive clothes

You need to choose clothes for airport wisely, what you are wearing shouldn’t offend anybody; it can get you kicked off from the flight if it hurts anyone there.

Maxi skirts and dresses

The decision of wearing maxi skirts and dresses for the airport is wrong; you shouldn’t wear that at the airport it increases the chances of a security agent to pat you down. So don’t risk it.

Underwire Bra

The metal underwire of bra can be a mess while going through the metal detector during security checks.

Metal jewelry

You have to take your favorite metal jewelry off during checks, and surely you don’t want to risk it by putting into the risk of misplacing your favorite item.


Again, you have to take off your belt too so better to keep it in your carry bag and put it back after clearing security checks.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants waste time, the more pockets you have, the more, it will take time to clear the security checks. Keep it simple, wear trouser with minimal pocket.


So it’s better not to wear these stuff, you can keep it in your carry bag and can wear it later.


Try not to wear shoes which take time to take off and put on. You can wear shoes which can easily be take off and put on.
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Hosieries are referred to leg wears like stockings, tights, and socks which are worn on the legs and feet. Are you familiar with various types of hosiery? If not, then you should.
Let’s talk about them today, about the types of hosieries.


Sheer stockings are skinny and transparent.


Opaque stockings are not transparent and give full coverage to the legs.


Diamond shaped open knit that resembles fishnet.


Fencent hosiery is similar to fishnet but in the broader pattern.

Cuban heel

Cuban heel stocking is a heel sew at the back seam.


Hosiery that runs vertically at the center back is back seam.


Also known as holdups, stockings held up by silicone or elastic bands.


Stirrups gradually narrow at the ankle with the help of a band that even extends under the arch of the foot.

Knee highs

Stockings that are up to the knees or just below the knees.


Thigh-knees are the stockings that go up to the mid-thigh or the lower thigh.


This is mainly worn to keep the stocking in place.


Legwarmers made of thick knit usually worn to covers the lower leg.

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In sewing, the seam is the essential element which means to join two pieces of fabric together with the help of stitches (machine or hand). Seam finish is the technique to prevent raveling or curling of raw fabric edges that neaten the inside of the garment.

But is there anything to consider while sewing seam? Yes, there are factors which you should consider before stitching.

• What kind of fabric are you going to stitch – the weight of the fabric, is it a single knit or double knit? Is it tightly or loosely woven or is it sheer?
• What is the purpose of the garment, is it casual wear or active wear or occasional wear?
• How the garment is going to care

A well-constructed seam should be smooth and even in appearance from both inside and outside of the garment. The width of the seam line should be even throughout.

The seams in sewing are the adaption of these necessary seams:• Plain
• French
• Flat-fell

Plain seam

A plain seam is the simplest seam and the basis for many other seams. The plain seam is an excellent choice for the budding sewer. The best thing about plain seam is that it can be used in both woven and knit and in curved or straight areas. Hand or machine can stitch it. Plain seams may be straight-stitched or can be zigzagged.

French seam

The French seam is secure and a durable seam. Seam finish is not required in French seam as its rough edges are already enclosed while stitching seam. This seam is usually used on lightweight woven, sheer, and other delicate fabrics, it gives strong support to the lightweights. Hand or machine may stitch French seams.

Flat-fell seam

Flat-fell seam is designed for woven and straight edges fabrics. It is used when sewing sportswear, men’s and children’s wear, reversible items, and heavy-duty items which requires strong, seams. Sewing machine usually sews Flat-fell seam as it is difficult to stitch in heavy fabric. Flat-fell doesn’t need seam finish.

The following seams are usually used on fabrics that present a more significant challenge to sew.

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Drinking water is like watering a plant, other than soil, sunlight, and air, the plant needs water to grow. Similarly for human body water is one of the basic survival needs.But why water is important? what does it do? Why everyone says drinking water is very important for your body. Well, it is correct that water is necessary for our body because our body weight is approximately 70 percent water. And, our body loses water through breathing, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. In order to maintain that amount of water in the body and help to function properly the intake of water is very important.

Water is a building block of the body, which act as a solvent for chemical reactions in the body and a transport material for nutrients and for waste matter.

Not only this but water maintains blood volume which allows proper circulation of blood. it is a shock absorber for brain and joints and lubricate inner organs and support kidney function.

I hope you’ve understood how important water is for our body. Coming back to the main point why we should drink water in the morning on an empty stomach? Is it really beneficial? and how much water you should drink every day?
So basically, water intake depends upon a number of factors like the climate you live in, your everyday physical activity, or whether you’re suffering from any health issues.

It may also interest you to know that Japanese has a tradition to drink water, also known as Japanese Water Therapy, Japanese drink water (four to six glasses of water)right after waking up they believe that drinking water not only promotes weight loss but also treats health problems. Japanese claims water theory is the secret of their healthy lifestyle.

let’s talk about the quantity of water one should take in a day? As it is the most frequent query of people.

For this, there is an 8×8 Rule. The 8×8 rule is that one should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, which is about 2 liters water.
Coming back to the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach.

Flushes Out Toxins

When you drink water on an empty stomach you feel the urge to flush out all the toxins and bowel movements from your body.

Boosts Metabolism

Drinking water on an empty stomach gives your stomach a boost, water increase your metabolism up to 25% that helps in faster digestion of food, and this helps in losing weight in the long run.

Keeps Your Immune System Strong

As you know the importance of water to perform body function and overall health wellness. Drinking water on an empty stomach maintains fluid balance in the body supporting the immune system to fight off infections and bad cells.

Clarifies Complexion And Keep Skin Healthy

Drinking plenty of water is one of the secrets of beautiful and glowing skin. Water helps to remove toxins from the body and improve blood circulation which helps in achieving clear and flawless skin.

Prevent Migraine Attacks And Headache

One of the main reasons for migraine and headache is dehydration, drinking water on an empty stomach help offset the chances of migraine attacks and headache.

Promote Hair Growth

Dehydration makes your skin dry and dull. Drinking water improves blood circulation making your body hydrated. If I talk about hair, everyday pollution makes scalp dry so it is important to drink water adequately to provide hair hydration and promote hair growth.

Aids Weight Loss

Some of you may question how water can help me to lose my weight? Well, it is quite logical water has no fat and drinking water frequently makes your tummy full, dropping your food cravings. and, as I told you above drinking water increases metabolism and helps burn calories faster.

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