are you an expert party hoster? lets see if you’ve made these common mistakes ever

written by Adete Roshni December 13, 2018
Hosting a party is not easy as it seems food, music entertainment everything has to be perfect to call it a PARTY and you a HOSTER. If you have ever hosted a party you know what it takes to be a good hoster you need to manage everything from food to drink, music to entertainment everything, after all a good hospitality always take away the hearts.Today I’ll be sharing some of the common mistakes hoster make, which apparently turn them into not so good party hosters. Let’s check if you have also made these mistakes or you are as usual The Best Hoster.

Lack of planning

Planning is the initial step of everything you do. Before hosting a party, you need to plan everything out you should ask these questions to yourself before checking planning from the list Whom am I going to call? What would be the theme? Did I invite them a week or a month ago? Am I not missing out somebody? And most importantly, am I financially able enough to host this party?
After checking all these questions, you can proceed for further preparations. If you don’t give attention to all these details, it might cause you hindrance between your party.

Not introducing your guests

It is quite evident that your guests know you, and you also know them but do they familiar with each other? Not every time. It is important for your guests to feel more comfortable and welcome; you need to make sure that everyone is introduced. When your guests arrive, you simply introduce them to the rest of the guests, So they could gel-up with each other without floating around on their own.

Expecting guest would help themselves with drinks

Don’t expect your guests would know to help themselves for food and drinks. They don’t know where you’ve kept drinks and snacks; you should help them in drinks and food. One big mistake party hosters make is not preparing alternative beverages for non-alcoholic drinkers, you should prepare for that as well.

It feels quite uncomfortable to hunt around for food and drinks being a guest. If you them to help themselves make sure everything is in sight.

Too complicated food

Food should be prepared according to the party, if you’re throwing lunch party food should be according to it similarly if you’re calling your friends over for chilling and hangout then your food should be entertaining. What I mean to say is don’t complicate your food, if it is a chill out party go with finger snacks, you can either set up the barbeque at your backyard would be the best option you can do.

Cleaning when your guests are around

It is a party there will be spilling of drinks, rappers all around that doesn’t mean you’ll start cleaning right there in front of your guests. If you do it in front of your guests, they will feel embarrassed. Keep the clean part after the party. Don’t give an impression of a slave at your own party.
Tidying little here and there or checking toiletries is proper hosting. Your guests will also appreciate this effort of yours.

Not designated playlist

Music is an essential way of entertainment at every party; it sets the mood of the guests it would be one of your biggest mistakes if you forgot to set a playlist or call a DJ at your party.
Pick the music that suits the mood of the party; you can dance with your guests, play entertaining games and stuff, in whole enjoy with your guests to the fullest.

Not making room from overnight guests

After having a wild party, there could be a chance that one or two of your guests need to sleep in your house. You need to do prior preparations for that as well, keep an extra room cleaned with fresh blankets and sheets and other required stuff. You are hosting a party it is your responsibility that no guest of yours will drink and drive.

Overdrinking at your own party

C’mon man! You can’t do this at your party, NO! It is your party and being a hoster; you need to make sure that everything is going smooth. Enjoy with your guests, but don’t get over drunk since you are the one who is going to handle your guests.
Enjoy to the fullest without getting over drunk.

These were some of the common mistakes every party hoster make. Hope you’ve learned from this and won’t repeat these mistakes again in your future party.

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